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Special Offer for Soul Collective Berlin Members


We're delighted to collaborate with Soul Collective Berlin to offer you an exclusive opportunity to enhance your wellness journey. Our breathwork app provides expertly guided sessions to help you reduce stress, and boost your overall well-being through the art of concious connected breathwork.

Exclusive 15% Discount: As a valued member of the Soul Collective Berlin community, enjoy a 15% discount on our annual subscription.


Key Features:

🌿 Guided Breathwork Sessions: Explore a variety of breathwork exercises tailored to your needs, from easing anxiety to enhancing mindfulness, boosting mood, and improving focus throughout the day.

🎵 Personalized Experience: Find your unique path to serenity by selecting sessions based on duration, intensity, and personal goals.

🌌 Subconscious Reintegration Questions: Delve into your subconscious with specialized questions to unlock hidden insights, release emotional blockages, and promote profound healing and transformation.

🌊 Specialized Courses: Navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience through our specialized courses on anxiety, stress reduction, effective communication, and more, offering practical tools and wisdom for modern living.

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Save 10 % 

Our Quarterly Subscription


Save 15 % 

Our Annual subscription

Upon purchase, your will recieve an invitation with access to the PRANABEAT app


See you on the other side!


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